Alpha Male Series

Lecture 1: The Fundamentals Of Mating

Lecture 2: The Art Of Attraction

Lecture 3: Creating Comfort

Lecture 4: The Process Of Seduction

Lecture 5:  Alpha male series bonus disk

Length: 4 Hours 49 Minutes

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Learn The Art of Seduction:


Content List

Attraction is about more than just money and looks. It’s a form of communication. Attraction is a secret language that only a few men know and if you can master it, you can get any woman you want. Learn the complete process of developing an attractive personality so that you can start seeing immediate results. The topics covered in this product are:

  • How do you start a conversation the right way?
  • Attraction is not a choice. Why it is possible for you to have any woman you want, with the right skills?
  • What is the biggest mistake guys make when gaming the girl?
  • How do you conquer approach anxiety?
  • Know the 5 attraction switches, that will make any woman attracted to you.
  • The pitfalls of putting a woman on a pedestal.
  • How can you tell if she is attracted to you?
  • Use language patterns to subconsciously send her commands.
  • Use fractionation to take her on the emotional roller coaster ride she craves.
  • The importance of hypnotic rhythm in your speech.

These and many other mind blowing topics await you. Once you make the payment, you'll get instant online access to the lectures.

May you never be the same again.

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