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Length: 3 Hours 55 Minutes

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Do you want to learn the fundamentals of game and commit yourself to mastering this art? Do you want to leave the days of social anxiety and not knowing what to say, behind you? Start your metamorphosis with this powerful product and arm yourself with the right weapons, when it comes to the art of social dynamics. The topics covered in this product are:


Content List

  • Start to turn anxiety into ferocity.
  • Example of shows and characters, who display alpha qualities.
  • Recognize and get rid of false datum's that prevent us from attracting women.
  • Learn the attraction switches and how to display them.
  • What are the requirements that a man needs to have to show, that he is a real man and, in order for him to attract a beautiful woman?
  • How do you stay congruent, while using prepared material during a conversation?
  • The idea of dating is completely wrong. What you should do on the second date.
  • Have fulfilling relationships.
  • Women will check your frame. Learn how they will do it.
  • The game of thrones, who are you being?
  • Be aware oft he three worlds, so that you can become deadly in your persuasion skills.
  • The false idea of the universe being a universe of scarcity.

These and many other mind blowing topics await you. Once you make the payment, you'll get instant online access to the lectures.

May you never be the same again.

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