Lecture 1: How to stay unaffected by criticism

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Length: 4 Hours 49 Minutes

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Do no longer waste your time with basic pick up lines and start to study the sources, that will help you to achieve your goals. Set your standards high and do not stay content with average results like getting her phone number or making out. It is about time that you take total control of her mind, body, and soul. The topics covered in this product are:

  • How can you become absolutely free of criticism and no longer be affected by it?
  • Why should you enjoy the process of seduction and not focus on the outcome?
  • Are you on your way to losing her? Find out what you are doing, that will lead you to lose her.
  • It is wrong to include women in all your activities. Find out why.
  • What is the right way to empower her, without becoming her “girlfriend“?
  • How can being too excited may cause you to lose attraction?
  • When is it ok to “fake it, till you make it“?
  • Learn to handle the “alpha“ woman and still stay a gentleman during the process.
  • Let’s assume you will only see her for an instant. What is the best way to get her?
  • How should you deal with your own limiting beliefs?
  • Why you need to have a purpose when you approach a target.
  • How to be fascinating when talking to her.
  • Let go of the false idea that women are in love with you.
  • Seduction is a fantasy. Seduce her by providing a fantasy.
  • In which matrix are you?

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