The X-Factor

Lecture 1: Become the source of play 

Lecture 2: Display that you care

Lecture 3:

Length: 4 Hours 18 Minutes

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You’ve seen “that guy“, who oozes confidence, has no fear and moves through life as if it was a feast for the senses. He is strong, confident and has that magnetic appeal that draws drop dead gorgeous women to him naturally, without being arrogant or a complete dick. He is the guy that all other guys envy. He is the guy that when he walks into a room, women can’t help but be drawn to him instantly and experience a rise in their body temperature. So what is it exactly that makes him any different from you? He is a male just like you are, but what is that “X - Factor“ that he possesses, that you don’t? The “X-Factor“ will help you to solve what puzzled many men for years: The art of mating The topics covered in this product are:

  • How will you get a woman’s compliance and keep it?
  • Why being serious will completely destroy your chances of getting her.
  • A beautiful woman is desired by many men. Learn one thing, that you can apply instantly and will put you, in her eyes, into a special category.
  • Do not be needy in seeking rapport, you will create a negative emotion and harm yourself.
  • Your life is a book, what title are you giving it?
  • Do you want to tell someone about your goals? Think twice about it.

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