Lecture 1: Body Language Techniques

Lecture 2: Create a lifestyle

Lecture 3:

Length: 2 Hours 58 Minutes

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Humans are not meant to live alone. We are meant to live in tribes and interact with other people. Knowing what the best way is to interact with them and how to become a powerful tribe is essential in seducing beautiful women and aligning yourself with strong men. The topics covered in this product are:


Content List

  • How to get rid of approach anxiety
  • Create attraction on a genetic level. Make her feel your presence.
  • Do you feel uncomfortable using the prepared material? Start to see the advantage of this strategy.
  • Mystery Method vs. natural game. What is more effective?
  • Ask yourself: Are you chasing her or is she chasing you?
  • Learn the most powerful cold reading routines and how to use them without being creepy.
  • What is the difference between house parties and clubbing? Does the location affect your game?
  • Is she attracted to your tribe? Become the prince and king of your tribe.
  • What are the activities and rituals you should provide for your tribe?
  • Nature has its own language. Can you understand and speak it?
  • Examples of tribes

These and many other mind blowing topics await you. Once you make the payment, you'll get instant online access to the lectures.

May you never be the same again.

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