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The Eyes Of Truth

Life consists, as Tesla said, of energies, frequencies, and vibrations. When you make a decision from a low frequency, you create your life from a low frequency. Now you might wonder why so many times you come across powerful teachings, start to make a change in your life and all of a sudden people start to resist you.

They resist you because you have originally created your life from a low-frequency and now you have a high-frequency teaching. So when these 2 frequencies collide, they go in conflict with each other, do you get it? This should be no surprise to you...

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Ravi, Playing With The Gods

Is it possible for you to create a life filled with women, money and freedom? The answer you just gave internally will determine whether you'll achieve this goal in your life or not.

There is a famous universal law, that says "As within so without". Everyone knows, that the condition you live in and the life you have is a direct representation of your internal world...

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Alchemist, Agent Of Change

All of us, no matter who we are and where we live, want to change something in our life. Some of us are successful financially and want to improve their relationships. Others are successful in their relationships and want to improve their health.

It is in our nature to constantly strive for the next level and aim for a better condition than we're currently in. Change is the only constant in the universe, nothing stays the same and so we have to adapt to it...

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The Sphinx Of The Mind

2 Hours 18 Minutes

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Secrets Of Mental Alchemy

1 Hours 55 Minutes

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State Of Mind

3 Hours 37 Minutes

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Mind Fuck I

4 Hours 02 Minutes

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Create Your Reality

4 Hours 07 Minutes

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Own Yourself

3 Hours 24 Minutes

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The 7th Seal

5 Hours 26 Minutes

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Deja Vu

4 Hours 54 Minutes

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5 Hours 39 Minutes

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The Fire Within

5 Hours 03 Minutes

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Mind Fuck II

4 Hours 02 Minutes

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Solomon's Temple

4 Hours 56 Minutes

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The Forbidden Gate

4 Hours 12 Minutes

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5 Hours 08 Minutes 

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The Winds Of Change

1 Hour 35 Minutes

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The Eye Of Ra

5 Hours 01 Minute

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The Nature Code Part 1

5+ Hours

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Becoming Supernatural

11 Hours

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Dragon Heart

4 Hours

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Project X

15 Hours 27 Minutes

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Arising Atlantis

17 Hours 10 Minutes

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